I’d Hit That

I’d Hit That

How can the best day turn to the worst day, and back into the best day? Let me tell you. So my friend Stacy and I scored some front row tickets for the Wiz Khalifa. Some guy posted them on StubHub the day of for 80% off the ticket price! Crazy, right? I guess his girlfriend dumped him, and she was the only reason he was going. I feel bad for her, but I’m not turning down a great time for an even better price.

Then the bad news – I don’t live in a recreational or medical state, and we still have the occasional dry times. I called everyone I knew – no one had any weed for me! At this point I would even take some ol’ seedy, stem-filled bullshit just so I have something to smoke. I mean, how do you go to a Wiz Khalifa concert and not have any smoke? But the reality was I’m going to have to try enjoy it stone cold sober. Damn. Talk about a let down. This royally sucks.

At the last minute, and dejected because of the lack of bud, I changed into the Bigbadmoji shirt with the “I’d Hit That” on it on the front. Oh my god, I never expected it to turn out like this. Even walking up to the line, people were pointing at me, smiling, giving thumbs up… And when I got in line, the guy in front of me turned, took one look at my shirt, and with a big grin pulled out a vape pen and asked “Would you hit this?”

Hell yea I hit that. And it didn’t stop there. So many people loved my shirt – Stacy and I were being handed joints, blunts, edibles, and vape pens all night long! I have never been so high in my life. This was literally the best concert ever. Thanks to Bigbadmoji saved the day!