Can I get a Dancing Queen? (pt 1)

Can I get a Dancing Queen? (pt 1)

Don’t you fucking hate when guys flake out on you? I used to be the type of girl that if I had plans with a guy and he ended up ghosting me, I would be so pissed and upset. Well, at this point of my life I’m totally over that shit. So, when this dude flaked on me a few weeks ago… I said fuck this. We’re going out.

I texted every girl I know; “Hey bitches. Let’s drive to Ann Arbor and go to Pride Night at Necto!? “

Immediately my friend Katie replied;

Let’s fucking gooooooo!

We proceeded to get on our hottest outfits, hair done, makeup on fleek. Let’s do this thing. Once we got there, I couldn’t believe how crowded this club was. There we’re beautiful gay men on every side of me, and out dancing me on every level. The energy was crazy. “Dancing Queen” played so loud I couldn’t even hear my friends shouting at me. There was literally glitter on the floor, drag queens in every corner, and I was completely prepared to get smashed and have the time of my life.   

On the lowest level of the club, there was a couch stretching from the front to the bank of the room with half naked gorgeous men and women dancing on the back. I looked at my friends and stepped onto the couch as two hot guys helped me up. I grabbed the bar at the top of the ceiling and started to shake my ass for what seemed like hours.

(to be continued)